Our Vision

Our vision of our client’s ideal future is their vision of their ideal future. Wealth management is the process that helps them achieve their ideal future. Whether defined by quality time with family, playing golf, charitable activities, travel, or starting a new business, we utilize this well defined, replicable process to assist our client’s at every turn. Not every client comes to us with a clear vision of their future, so we work closely with them to help them define their ideal future. This is the most crucial step in the process and occurs in our Discovery Meeting. In this initial meeting we uncover values, interests, goals, relationships, advisors, assets, and agree on the best process of communication. From this meeting, we create a total client profile which helps us determine whether a mutually beneficial relationship is possible. If there is mutual interest in achieving this future together we move forward.

It is important for our clients and for us that we can have a positive impact in their lives. Over time we have come to realize that working with everyone is simply unrealistic. The characteristics of our clients we are most impactful with can be summed up this way:

  • Their main focus is to take care of their family
  • They are independent-minded and freedom seeking
  • They are confused and/or frustrated by the responsibility of wealth
  • They value privacy and confidentiality in their business dealings

We make two simple promises to each and every client at Iron Logic Wealth Advisory; we will listen more than we talk and we will make the complicated simple.

Please visit the Our Process section to see a detailed description of the entire wealth management consulting process.